Eastern Neck Trip 

Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge is a 2,285 acre island providing habitat for thousands of wintering waterfowl including the tundra swan. Swans feed off of grasses in the river and narrows as do the 1,000s of waterfowl. Eastern Neck refuge supports a wide variety of habitats including brackish marsh, natural ponds, upland forest, and grasslands…   read more

Thomas Point L.H.

 This would be considered a Level 3 + journey due to distance and an open water environment( wind/waves, etc.) .  However it is an exciting journey with a great destination being the Thomas Point Lighthouse… read more

Annapolis Area Trips

The Annapolis area offers a variety of beautiful and adventurous sea kayak day journey options.  We have put together a mix of journeys that range from the intermediate skill set to a bit more advanced…read more