3 Day Open Ocean Training

also a single (1) day training option


Ocean City, Maryland


Location: Ocean City Put-In  (intersection of Sunset Ave and Golf Course Rd)

Event Description: This is a rising intermediate level class that will run near the spectacular Ocean City Inlet on the Maryland  shore.  There are two other inlets in the vicinity we plan to paddle to , as well.  There can be a number of goals for this event. One: client can come primarily for the open water training.  Two: the client can partake in L4 “Skills Assessments” be it ACA L4 or BCU 3*.   So the options are great if an open water paddling experience is what you are looking for.  When ready to more to that next level of paddling excitement, this should be your choice.

Locations:  Ocean City and 1 or 2 other near-by inlets

Dates 2017: 
3 Day Dates: 
1 Day Dates:

$375 3 days
*  $175 1 day option

3 Day Event Includes:
* All Assessment and Certification Fees

Pre-Requirements: * Rising Intermediate Level / Call for Details

Agenda:  Here &  Here
* view complete blog listing of prior events
* Course will include all L4 Instructor Cert. skills

Certification / Assessments offered:
ACA L4 IDW (call to discuss)
* ACA L4 Skills Assessment     ($250 value) * BCU 3
* Sea Assessment        ($250 value)  prior paperwork needed, please call.

Local Outfitter & Contact:   Potomac Paddle Sports

Skill Set Training Modules:
* Long Boat Surfing
* Managing Rough Water
* Rescues / Rolling in Rough Water
* Coastal Navigation

Local Information Resources:

Charts:  Noaa Charts
Tides:  Local Tide
Winds:   Data Center
Weather  Weather Underground


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Local History: Here

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