2- Day Weekender (Basics)

The Basics


After a short on-land discussion about the boat, paddle and pfd we will launch. Discussing safe boat launching and proper boat fit we are on the water. The strokes we will be coaching will be the foundational stokes:

  • Forward Sweeps
  • Reverse Sweeps
  • Pivot
  • Reverse Paddling
  • 3 Draw Strokes
  • Forward Stroke

For additional resources on Strokes and Sweeps click here.


We will conclude the class with a short paddling journey where we put into “real world” practice all the strokes we have just learned.


Rescues, Safety and Towing

We will begin this course with a discussion and “on-land” demo of the “wet-exit”. Then we launch and practice a “controlled” wet-exit. Then we move into the rescues:

Assisted Rescues:

  • T-Rescue
  •  Heel Hook T-Rescue
  • Scoop Rescue
  • Eskimo Bow Rescue
  • Stern Rescue
  • Paddle Presentation
  • All-in Rescue
  • Hand of God Rescue
  • Stirrup Rescue


  • Paddle Float Rescue
  • Cowboy/Scramble
  • Re-Enter and Roll


  • Single In-Line Tow
  • Rafted Tow
  • Push Tows
  • Contact Tows
  • Equipment



Edging allows you to let your kayak “dance” . Tremendous efficiencies come to your skill set once you master edging skills. This skill will, in short order, fit right into your normal paddling routine thus adding grace and fluidity.


High Braces and Low Braces